Wunderbar Basic (XSS)

I continue found XSS into WordPress plugins, in this case the plugin is called “Wunderbar Basic” version 1.1.3.

The security bug is found in the “home” parameter in the”wp-content/plugins/wunderbar-basic-wysiwyyg-front-end-editor/wb-adminbar. php” file which, as can be seen in the following capture, lacks the necessary mechanisms to prevent code injection.

<div id="wbinterior" >
<div id="wunderbarlogo"  >
    <a class='wblogobutton thickbox' title='Wunderbar Help' href='<?php echo $_REQUEST['home']?>help.html?width=500&height=300&TB_iframe=true' target='_blank'>
        <img src="<?php echo $_REQUEST['home']?>images/wb-logo-rev.png" alt="The Wunderbar" />
        <span id='wbcmds'>&nbsp; &nbsp; HELP / UPGRADE</span>
<div id="fakeeditarea" style='display:none'></div>


The malicious code runs without problems.

This screenshot shows the code inside the HTML body.

  • Publication in Packetstormsecurity:


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