WP Mailster (XSS) CVE-2017-17451

Today I will tell you about another Cross-site scripting that I discovered the plugin “WP Mailster” version of the company Brandtoss (https://wpmailster.com/)

The security bug is found in the month parameter in the”wp-mailster/view/subscription/unsubscribe2. php” file which, as you can see in the following screenshot, lacks the necessary mechanisms to prevent code injection.

  <h2 class="componentheading mailsterUnsubscriberHeader">Unsubscription</h2>
    <div class="contentpane">
        <div id="mailsterContainer">
            <div id="mailsterUnsubscriber">
                <div id="mailsterUnsubscriberDescription"><?php echo $_GET['mes']; ?></div>


The malicious code runs without problems

This screenshot shows the code inside the HTML body.




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